An inclusive space of collaboration of like minded Independent Third Party Planners.

We’re an exclusive collaborative of like-minded professional Independent Planners, cultivating a purpose-filled environment to elevate, empower and drive change.

Why join the Meetings Collective?

Your hard work is your reward.

As a paid member, you retain
100% of your earnings.

We is better than me.

We’re a supportive community of like minded independents.

Friends with benefits.

Tools, content & resources to
help boost your business.

Have you had enough of splitting your commission with large third party organizations just to be able to have their logo on your business card?

With the major chains cutting our commissions, stop waiting for these large corporations to throw you a life raft. Stop compromising your value and continuously accepting lower commissions.

It’s time to elevate the conversation and stop looking for them to see and appreciate our value. We are the one ones to value and appreciate what we do and how IMPORTANT we are in this industry.

It’s up to us to stay relevant. Let’s drive the change within our industry. Join our inclusive, professional, motivating community of like minded independent third party planners.

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